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A flying mind. I develop software that gives wings to human imagination.

Game Theme Generator

My first npm module. Nothing too fancy, but a small utility that I use to spark my game maker creativity. Does that even exist? Did you ever want to make a small game and you had no clue where to … Continue reading

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2014 in review

A small thank you to for hosting this blog and everyone that viewed it through the last years. You are awesome! The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert … Continue reading

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AngularJS + KineticJS = Stage Directive

In the last days I came across an interesting canvas library called Kinetic.js, which called my attention by its easy API. Even though the library provides some complex functionality, like drag and drop, it still feels a pleasure to work … Continue reading

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Refactoring vs Performance

Refactoring is for readability, not for performance. Performance can and should be measured. Performance optimization has to come from a data based approach. Readability cannot be measured. It is therefore even more important to keep improving it, because you can’t … Continue reading

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Using LiveReload with Chrome and Sublime Text 2

How to use LiveReload with Chrome and Sublime Text 2? Assuming that you already know how to use Sublime Text 2 with its Package Control plugin. Then …

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Starting to move the web forward

Last week, I took some time to watch a very nice video from Paul Irish in youtube about javascript development workflow. I recommend it, even if you think your workflow is already great, maybe you learn one new cool thing. … Continue reading

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Webcam directive for AngularJS apps

Imagine being able to show the data of the webcam of an user by using this simple HTML tag: Well, now you can! Take a look at some demos and download it and see for yourself.

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Java EE 6 – CDI: Using InjectionPoint to resolve ambiguous dependencies at run-time

This is an advanced usage of the CDI specification of Java EE 6 that assumes the reader is already familiar with the Dependency Injection patterns provided by it. The problem: We have a service which is dependent of certain type … Continue reading

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